The sports drink paradox

November 9, 2010

There is no doubt that exercise is a key part of having a healthier lifestyle. Many experts say that drinking water after light to moderate exercise is fine but drinking too much water after a hard-day workout is not.

Water can help you avoid dehydration, but it does not have any electrolyte content your body needs to function properly. That is the advantage of sports drinks and natural juices such as orange juice. Sports drinks and orange juice have electrolytes content.

But, one problem with these kinds of drinks is that they also contain sugar and high concentrations of carbohydrates, which is not ideal for re-hydrating during exercise. High sugar concentration of some commercial drinks, like Gatorade and orange juice, lessens the effectiveness in preventing dehydration.

Actually, high levels of carbohydrates add useless calories and require more water for digestion. Thus, this could lead to obesity. Obesity is usually caused by excess intake of calories and lack of physical activities. However, many studies have shown that there is a positive link between obesity and consumption of high-sugar content drinks including most sport and energy drinks.

We know sugar as a source of energy because it can easily be absorbed by our body. Actually, it gets into our bloodstream much faster compared to other energy source like protein.

However, the energy that sugar provides does not stay long in our body. It is because the body also excretes insulin into the bloodstream to lower the blood sugar levels. This results in lower performance and endurance.

For this reason, one must think wisely when choosing their re-hydrating and energy drinks. One must always look at the labels and make sure that the right amount of electrolytes, protein, minerals and vitamins that your body actually needs are there.

            An all-natural and sugarfree electrolyte drink like Paleotrition’s Electrolyte Symmetry is a better choice for addressing the nutrients your body needs. It is a complete and balanced electrolyte drink. It is made from natural ingredients, it is sugar-free, has a low Glycemic index, and still tastes great.

This drink improves hydration, increases energy and stamina, prevents muscle cramps and offers shorter post exercise recovery. It has also some essential nutrients included like D-Ribose and Taurine. D-Ribose is good for cardiac function, exercise recovery and energy production while taurine regulates the electrolyte flow in and out of your body cells and it also supports maximal assimilation.

Athletes who have done extensive training and children suffering from flu or any illness involving diarrhea or vomiting may drink Electrolyte Symmetry to prevent dehydration and also for energy recovery.


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