My personal story (losing 65+ pounds and gaining my health this year)

October 30, 2010

At the beginning of 2010, I weighed close to 280 pounds and was heading towards all the health issues of the morbidly obese…  Today, I’m around 210 (slowly getting to an ideal 195-200) and look 5 years younger and feel 20 years younger.  Here is my story (a detailed blog is also available at

“In late January of this year, I started the Paleotrition Detox program and my life-altering diet changes.  At that time, I was embarrassed to get on a scale, but I probably weighed around 275-280.  I was exercising quite a bit.  I was going to the gym literally 5 or more times a week – and had been for years.  But, I was still overweight, suffered from the 2 pm post-lunch coma every day, didn’t seem to get much stronger or fitter, despite all my exercise and frankly just wasn’t very healthy.

 Today, I am down about 70 pounds, have 10x more mental and physical energy, look healthier (I get comments daily about how much healthier I look!), have gotten stronger and just feel better (and my allergies went away – honestly!).

 I’m not going to tell you that it was easy.  And, I’m not going to promise you that you’ll see my results.  But, what I will tell you is that this program was what I needed to accomplish this.  It started me on this path to healthier living.  And, it gets MUCH easier as time goes on.

 When people ask me what I’ve done, I tell them simply that I just stopped eating the bad stuff.  Then, I list off the things I (mostly) don’t eat anymore – bread, wheat pasta, refined sugar, processed foods, fatty meats, dairy products and corn/soy derivatives.  They all say – ‘wow, that sounds like everything I eat’.  But, there is a punchline that most people don’t realize – what’s left is the best tasting, most filling, most energizing food sources – fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts…

 Today, I enjoy eating MUCH, MUCH more than I did before.  Food simply tastes better.  I can taste the natural sweetness in fruits and vegetables.  I get the subtleties of spices and fresh vs frozen that I didn’t get before.  It’s like I found another sense that I had lost.  And, I can generally eat at most restaurants (soups, salads, chicken, turkey, vegetarian dishes, etc).

 The first few diet-altering days (days 7-9 if you follow the plan) were REALLY TOUGH.  It took shear will-power to get through them.  The first 2 weeks were tough.  But, after that, it got easier.  Weight came off, my tastebuds started to get better, I started to get stronger at the gym and I started looking healthier.  I also experienced what I can only describe as an IQ jump – I guess less blood in my stomach meant more blood in my brain.

 While you could certainly just modify your diet – and you’d certainly see great results – the vitamins, nutrients and supplements that come with this package act as a catalyst to make the program work.  Results come faster, there is less ambiguity about what to eat (we provide many of your meals) and the meals we provide are actually very tasty.

 This program has really changed my life – all aspects of my life – for the better.  I hope that you can share this experience.  This isn’t about a quick diet to lose a few pounds in a few weeks.  This is about a first step towards living better.”


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