Local produce – the best kept secret in food

July 18, 2011

It’s always a great test of an idea to imagine an intelligent alien coming to earth for the first time and introducing them to a situation.  So, if an alien came to earth and turned on the TV for a day (or listened to many so-called experts), they’d believe that eating healthy meant ordering fat-free salad dressing on your McDonald’s salad and buying organic french fries at Whole Foods… 

They’d also probably believe that Walmart was the least expensive place to buy food and that the more flavors thrown into a meal, the better.

But, just last week, I bought some vegetables from a local organic farmer.  Not only was it 1/4 the price of Whole Foods, but it was like I was eating new species of plants.  They tasted so good.  In fact, they had so much flavor that it made it tough to mix them with “regular” vegetables.

This food only had to travel a few miles to get to me.  It had been growing in the ground that morning.  And, there weren’t any middlemen to pay.

It didn’t come in fancy bags or with recipes designed to hide its poor quality…

It wasn’t even inconvenient – as my CrossFit (Providence) hosted the local farmer. So, I just bought it before my workout.

I always see the bumper stickers – like it is a social issue (and I guess it is).  But, when food is simply cheaper and MUCH tastier, you don’t need another reason.


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