Great Paleo(lithic) diet story

October 26, 2010

Changing One’s Life through Paleo Diet


Rea, G. (2008). Paleo Diet – So Easy a Caveman Can Do It! Retrieved October 25, 2010, from   

In this diary of a 56 years old man in 2008, he demonstrates how well the Paleolithic diet works in restoring one’s health. This man was obese, had type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high triglycerides. He weighed 233 lbs.

But, after strictly following the Paleo diet, his weight dropped to 160 lbs.  Before the diet, he remarked that he looked like a pregnant woman because of his very fat tummy. Moreover, in 2007, he was diagnosed by his doctor as having type 2 diabetes. His blood sugar reading was 218 ml/dcl.

After seven (7) months of Paleo diet, he is no longer diabetic and his blood sugar dropped to 104 ml/dcl. Type 2 diabetes is considered by many doctors as an incurable disease. By eating the paleolithic diet of meats, fruits and vegetables with zero grains, zero dairy and zero processed foods, he was able to bring back his normal blood sugar reading which the doctor said was impossible.

His blood pressure, which had a reading of around 180/90 in 2007, is now reading normal at 115/72. His experience is great evidence that the Paleo diet really works. He stresses that in order to have good health and longer life span, you may need to stop eating some of your favorite foods. One must think first if the price is worth paying in the greater risk to one’s health.


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