7 Steps to the Paleo Diet

October 26, 2010

Paleo Diet Conversion – a great article about making the transition to the Paleo diet

From: Bird, S.A. (2009). Transitioning to a Paleo Diet. Retrieved October 25, 2010, from http://www.straighttothebar.com/2009/05/transitioning_to_a_paleo_diet.html

This article provides seven (7) steps on how transition to Paleo diet takes effect.

  1. The first step is to identify the good and bad “guys” (aka foods). Being a Paleo devotee, you basically need to stop eating certain foods and eat more of others which you might not enjoy as much in order to reduce the intake of bad calories into your body. These new foods are more nutritional, thus, it can make you healthier than before. You have to write down a list of the foods that you need to stop eating and foods that you need to eat more. You can use this as a reference and a guide of where you really want to go.  [note: an alternative step zero – not from this article – is to start the program with a complete detox program – to jump-start your body on the way to better living – see www.paleotrition.com for a program like this.]
  2. Identify a bad guy you think you can beat. This is about giving up one-by-one non-Paleo foods. 
  3. Identify the good guys. This is about creating stronger bonds with Paleo foods that you like most. It is like creating allies to fight against the non-Paleo foods.
  4. Re-position your thinking on Macronutrients. You have to think as if when you eat more paleo foods, you will get more fat and protein and when you eat fewer non-paleo foods, you will get fewer carbs. You must adopt this thinking so that you can still get full even without non-paleo foods.  It might take a little while to adjust.
  5. Accept that you will get conflicting health advice. There is actually conflicting advice even within the Paleo-eating community on what is the optimal macronutrient composition. To counter this, you need to make sure that you find positive influences – mostly in the form of education.  There is a lot of great research out there.
  6. Let go of being a gym enthusiasts
  7. When you succeeded in eliminating one non-Paleo food in your eating lifestyle, pick another one until it reaches zero non-Paleo foods in your list.

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